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We are working with suppliers offering a high standard of service and products as well as demonstrating ethics and integrity in line with our Code of Business Conduct. Our aim is to establish strong and efficient business relationships with our suppliers.


New Supplier Registration

If you are a supplier or Contract Research Organizations (CRO) partnering for the first time with AC Immune, you must be onboarded and added to our Approved Supplier database. Please use the below appropriate templates, have them filled out, signed and submitted to procurement@acimmune.com

Template - New suppliers

Please download, complete, sign off and send this template to:


Template - New consultant / person

Please download, complete, sign off and send this template to:


Information for existing suppliers

AC Immune follows a “No Purchase Order – No Pay” policy. The Purchase Order (PO) is at the heart of AC Immune’s Procure To Pay (P2P) process and is designed to enhance the efficiency and purpose of procurement activities for both AC Immune and the suppliers.

Under this policy, all suppliers must receive a duly approved PO from AC Immune prior to delivering any goods or rendering any services. The details and the reference indicated on the PO must match the goods and/or services that are being provided.

The supplier is responsible to check all details before providing any goods and/or services to AC Immune.

Any discrepancies should be raised immediately with the individual requesting the goods and/or services.

Any Purchase Order specific question should be raised by email to the specific AC Immune contact with procurement@acimmune.com in copy.

AC Immune is unable to process invoices where the company entity/address listed on the invoice is not the same company as indicated on the Purchase Order (PO). All invoices must state the PO number received from AC Immune.

All invoices must contain a unique invoice number, the date and the currency of the invoice must be the same as specified on the PO.

Credit notes should clearly reference the related invoice number/PO. Where VAT is claimed, the relevant VAT registration number of the supplier must be mentioned on the invoice. Suppliers should submit all invoices by email to finance@acimmune.com.

Invoices that do not meet the requirements will be returned to the supplier since they cannot be processed.

Any additional questions ?

General Procurement-related inquiries can be addressed to procurement@acimmune.com