AC Immune’s differentiated strategy integrates development of therapeutics and diagnostics

We maximize the potential of our Morphomer® and SupraAntigen® technology platforms to bring innovative treatments to precisely defined patient populations. Our platforms deliver multiple therapeutic and diagnostic modalities resulting in our broad pipeline of product candidates.

With the ultimate goal of delivering precision medicine, these are devised to improve patients’ lives at different stages of their disease, including the earliest, when the disease might still be prevented. Our unique vaccine approach for neurodegeneration embodies our vision of safe and effective prevention in patients diagnosed at early stages.

AC Immune Our Science | Pioneering Precision Medicine for neurodegenerative diseases

Shifting the current treatment paradigm

Future treatment paradigms will combine different therapies at various stages of a disease to engage the underlying co-pathologies. Our suite of non-invasive diagnostic programs targeting Tau, a-syn and TDP-43 is designed to improve diagnosis, patient selection and assessment of clinical trial outcomes. Leveraging our Morphomer® platform, we are developing these proprietary imaging agents that could become the first in the world to effectively diagnose these proteinopathies and improve the timing and accuracy of diagnoses to reshape the treatment and clinical course of neurodegenerative diseases.